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Mickael Hobby, Senior Advisor, New Zealand Department of Labour

4 avril 2008

Michael Hobby is Senior Advisor, International Services, in the New Zealand Department of Labour (2004- ). Michael was educated at the University of Canterbury where he graduated with a Master of Honours (First Class) in Politics, and was then employed by the State Services Commission. Michael was involved in early discussions on labour arrangements between New Zealand and Hong Kong in 2001 and the development of the New Zealand Government Framework for the Integration of Labour and Trade Agreements (2002). He has been involved in every trade-labour negotiation since that time, including settlement of the Arrangement on Labour between the Kingdom of Thailand and New Zealand (as part of the Thai - New Zealand Free Trade Agreement) and the Memorandum of Understanding on Labour Cooperation between New Zealand, Chile, Singapore and Brunei, (as part of the Pacific 4 Strategic Economic Partnership) in 2005. Current negotiations include those between New Zealand and China, Malaysia, the Gulf Cooperation Council and Australia and ASEAN. Michael has also represented New Zealand at International Labour Organisation (ILO) Governing Body and Conference meetings and at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Expertise :
 International economic policy

 International negociation of Trade and Labor

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