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David Cingranelli, Ph. D., Binghampton University

10 avril 2008

Biography :

David L. Cingranelli is professor on the Department of Political Science at Binghamton University. Professor Cingranelli’s research is focused on the human rights practices of governments from a cross-national comparative perspective. He is conducting research on the measurement of human rights practices, the effect of the end of the cold war on government respect for human right.

Summary of the communication :

Do FTAs that include Labour Standards Lead to Greater Adherence to the ILO’s Core Labour Conventions ? What does the existing research have to say on this point ? What alternative approaches could be used to measure the degree of compliance of governments of the world with the ILO’s Core Labour Conventions ? What is the standard that should be employed to decide whether linking trade to labour standards has been a successful strategy ?

Expertise :

 Human Rights

 Workers Rights

 American public policy

References :

 Cingranelli, David L., Adouharb Rodwan. Human Rights and Structural Adjustment . (CUP editions 2007).

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